Monday, May 2, 2011

A Love Hate Relationship...Mainly Hate....

Yes, this is the new logo of the companies I despise. And no, I did not construct it. Which is concerning a bit.....I am apparently not the only one who dislikes both of these companies.

I apologize if you find the logo offensive, but I am taking a moment to rant about the company who values me like a wad of gum stuck on the bottom of a park bench. It's been this way for a while, which is why I rarely ever use their services. I haven't in a long time. It's called "being burned" one too many times.

If you are not an ebay seller, then don't become one. And if you are, then bless you dear friend. You will find yourself praying a whole bunch about these snakes. Because that's what they are. Snakes....

I went in to list my kids Star Wars Figures about 2 weeks ago. Had not sold in a while. I found that my account was suspended. I blew it off because I didn't have the time to deal with it and soon forgot about it.

Today I went in again to try and list. My kids are wanting to sell their figures for some summer spending money. Account is still suspended and was not set for "review" until May 31st. My blood was now boiling at this point. Mind you, I've had an account with these folks for 10 years. You'd think I'd have a bit of value to them. Apparently not. *view statement regarding "wad of gum" above

I found a customer service number, called them and spoke in my nicest tone possible. But, I demanded an explanation.

She went through my account and said I had not been selling in quite some time. Duh. *Again, please refer to the "wad of gum" comment.

After 10 minutes of pure nonsense from their end, I was told "Hmmm...that's strange. I don't really know why your account has been suspended. I don't see anything in your account notes on selling and/or buying limitations. Really ain't that somethin' shocking! (rolling eyes)

"I apologize. I will have someone look into your account to see what has happened." So I tell this representative "Super! When are you going to take care of it"? She replies "Well, I can't give you a timeframe unfortunately...a few days....maybe. We'll call you." I bet. I'll be waiting by the phone anxiously of course. I'm kidding...We'll have flying cars by the time I ever hear back. And even's doubtful.

Hello Craigslist! It's nice to meet you......

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