About Me

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So who am I? Wow, thanks for asking! You really wanna know?

I am a wife to one fabulous King and a mum to 3 sweet Princes. I live in Texas...born and raised baby! I'm a city gal too. Love the countryside, but if I am more than 20 miles from a strip-mall or Starbucks then consider me bored. Some of you may enjoy looking at the endless scene of beautiful trees, wildflowers and horses. I prefer looking at what's on sale in the closest retailers window.

I homeschool my children. My twins, Prince Coolpants & Prince Smartypants were in public school K-4th. Prince Bossypants was in public school in Kindergarten only. The first question people ask me is "WHY did you do it"? Well, it simply works for our family....that's why. The King and I have a load of reasons why we chose to educate our kids at home. But, we choose to keep that private here at the Palace. Some things are better left unsaid...ya know? 

I also work from home for a fabulous very well known company. I am their social media Queen. And, I love it. Who do I work for? Well, 2 beautiful Queens & 2 handsome Kings who run lovely households with beautiful Princes and Princesses. We'll leave it at that for now...

Kisses ~